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We are a group of scholars who study or work at Évora University and with a strong interest in the heritage knowledge in Évora city (Portugal). We have created this working group to help to spread material or immaterial heritage in its diverse forms.  How? Promoting circuits in Évora city, social networks, collaborating with some active partners that extend information about heritage. For example, “Heritales film festival” activities, “Alentejo Terra e Gente” or any other idea of a group member that we can consider attractive to enhance the valorization.

This group’s proposal was originated by members of the “Heritales” project, which seeks to disseminate cultural heritage by different supports and new people. Still, we are an independent workgroup linked to the ESACH organization. We want to connect with researchers from neighboring fields, develop a more multi-disciplinary approach in our research, and collaborate in initiatives that help spread the importance of cultural heritage to ordinary people.


Universidade de Évora o Antiga Casa Pía, 1869. Imagen tomada por María Zozaya del IPCE, Fondo Rui Vernacci, VN-18203.